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The current report on apple and dell computers having massive recalls on their laptop ..Read
AG's Cyber Crimes Unit Helps Parents Keep Kids Safe Online: Read
In late May 2005, the First Lady Laura Bush made a five-day tour of a few Middle East ....Read
"I was too big for the boys to pick up, and too tall to be in line with the other girls. So I watched from backstage, dancing...Read
Securing Your Retirement Dollars Managing money is a lifetime challenge -- one that can be made easier with planning...Read.

WHITE HOUSE, OBAMAS and the CHANGE WE NEED No kidding, the White House must be ready for some Soul Foods...Read

Nigeria: President Umaru Yar'Adua's Challenge Eight years of Obasanjo's presidency has wreaked disaster Read
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Egypt army commits to power transfer, Israel peace | On Egypt's first day in nearly 30 years without Hosni Mubarak as president, its new military rulers pledged Saturday to eventually hand power to an elected civilian government . READ

Obama makes sales pitch for his 2012 budget | The budget, to be unveiled on Monday, contains a mix of cost cuts and targeted spending aimed at achieving Obama's twin goals of reducing the deficit and boosting U.S. competitiveness. .. . .READ



THE DIASPORA "50&50"SCANDAL: Nigerian First lady's Camp Denies "50@50" Purported Visit and Sale of Cloth. Houston Nigerian women who paid undisclosed amounts for fabrics brought from Nigeria in anticipation of being honored in a visit by Nigeria's First Lady, Her Excellency Dr. Dame Patience Jonathan, may be clenching their fists and biting their tongues in sheer regret following the recent development revealed .

Things Fall Apart in Umuada Igbo Sisterhood The fierce battle for association names, identity, and countless indifferences has thrown a newly incorporated association Umuada Igbo in Houston, Inc. into a war zone of acrimony and damaged scores, intensifying traffic at the 165th Judicial District Court where members and their legal representatives burn away unpaid hours.

Home Care Field will yield 10, 000 New Senior Citizens Everyday Thouseholds would rather opt to hire the services of a home health care professional than be burdened by endless hospital bills instigated by extended hospitalization.


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Blood Bath at President Jonathan's Rally in PH: Scores Crushed To Death
An estimated 250,000 supporters, including tens of thousands from Akwa Ibom State, had besieged the Liberation stadium with less than 100,000 capacity for the flag off of Jonathan/Sambo rally in the South-South region. The Identity of the dead and injured could not be immediately ascertained . Full Story


Jonathan, wife, and Sambo....Eyewitness accounts also stated that the figure confirmed by Police authorities is an ‘understatement’ calculated to avoid embarrassing the President at home.


Hon. Nwaka Okei insists that her representation will usher in a new era - a time to develop resources to protect the environment for future generation. This time, "Our teachers, the most valued and appreciated discipline to educate our future generation, will be well compensated for their services. Most especially, we will find a way to create jobs and encourage individuals who can create jobs in communities," she said.